One of our objectives is to stimulate and maintain active contacts between all the players of the Ligurian innovation ecosystem, in order to fulfil our mission.

The network of relationships activated by DIH Liguria is constantly evolving, involving people as well as public and private bodies where study, research or work is carried out.

 People currently involved in the network: 1.384
Bodies currently involved in the network 916

Within the network, subjects operating both in the demand and supply of technology are able to freely interact.

In their relations, information is exchanged, ideas and opportunities are evaluated, and projects of common interest are defined.

Participation in the network is free and can be accessed by means of different channels.

The Association's newsletter is sent weekly to the DIH Liguria network and contains:

• Opportunities: regional, national, European announcements and incentives.
• Training: in-person and distance learning courses aimed at employed and unemployed persons and students.
• Press review: collection of news focused on the topics related to 4.0 technologies and innovation.
• News relevant to the network.
• Webinars and workshops: appointments of the week.
• Services offered by the Association.

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In its second edition, the international artificial intelligence exposition C1A0 2020-21 provides for a series of both online and in-person events in the context of AI related to Climate Change.

The event, initiated by the Region of Liguria with the coordination of Liguria Digitale, will be implemented through events involving start-ups, companies, and other entities with the goal not only of presenting and disseminating scientific information, but also supporting production development, with effects on local employment by attracting new companies to make investments in Liguria.

DIH Liguria participates in the steering committee and provides support in publicizing the activities.

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The 2021 edition of Connext, an exhibition and industrial partnership event organized by the Confindustria System where national and international companies will set up B2B meetings, will be held on 2 and 3 December.

The key topics of the 2021 edition will be:

– Smart Factory.
The cities of the future.
Sustainable planet
The person at the centre of progress

Given the participation of Ligurian companies during the last edition, DIH Liguria asked the organizers of the event to set up a dedicated area for the region in which Ligurian companies can have greater visibility through individual stands.

The aim is to highlight and communicate the existence of a "Ligurian innovation ecosystem", while simultaneously ensuring the visibility of individual companies and making the promotion of their products and services during the networking phase more efficient.

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