The training workshop, organized together with the University of Genoa, is aimed at entrepreneurs and top managers and offers a concise but high level perspective on the use of data for the creation of added value. The lessons, provided by University of Genoa professors and entrepreneurs of the relevant sector, are heterogeneous, technologically, economically, and operationally speaking and are provided in a highly interactive manner.

The initiative was tested by launching the first course in April and May 2019, which was structured in 3 phases including the company assessment according to the Industry 4.0 Test and ending with a visit to the Siemens TAC (Technology Application Centre) in Piacenza.  

The topics were addressed by professors of the University of Genoa alternating with the testimonies of executives from Sedapta, Engineering, Softjam and Deloitte with equal amounts of time dedicated to each (50/50).

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The gap between the demand for skills by companies involved in digital transformation, in particular for those that refer to the Industry 4.0 paradigm, and the number of registered students and graduates in both the three-year degree and subsequent two-year specialized courses of the University of Genoa is large.

In light of this and given the intention by Ligurian technology companies to be an active partner in a common project to motivate a greater number of students towards these subjects, contribute to the improvement of teaching, and make the integration of young people into the workforce more efficient, the Adopt a technologist initiative aims to fill that gap by setting the following objectives:

significantly increase (at least 20-25% per year) the enrolments in the Scientific and Technological Departments of the  University of Genoa for the next 5 years;
 have at least 300 graduates and technologists per year, for the next five years, willing to move to and work in Genoa, coming from other regions and/or even from abroad;
launch an initial experimentation module in the academic year 2019/2020 aimed at a minimum number of 20 students.

Subjects involved in the project: University of Genoa, Digital Innovation Hub Liguria, Ligurian technology companies, the Liguria Region.

The first edition (academic year 2019/2020) was aimed at young talents enrolled in the first year of the specialized degree courses in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or Management. In agreement with the University of Genoa, the initiative offers 13 scholarships, additional training, and the possibility of internships and the development of a thesis related to the company.

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DIH Liguria supports the promotion of ITS study courses, in relation to the selection of students, during the planning of the course content, and in relations with the companies as regards the conduct of internships and traineeships to facilitate the entry of candidates into the world of work..

DIH Liguria is part of the ITS-ICT Foundation of Genoa and collaborates closely with the ITSs of the provinces of Savona and La Spezia.

Conceived to support the digital transformation process of Ligurian training institutions, A.Te.N.A. is an initiative in which the Region of Liguria has invested significant resources for the enhancement of the digital training of Schools and Vocational Training Centres.

Created based on the actual needs of the industry, ATeNA, aims to support the efficient use of enabling technologies and the growth of the know-how of the participants by allowing them to build innovative and effective educational courses and a collaborative community.

It is for this reason that the Digital Innovation Hub Liguria together with ATS partners, in collaboration with the Liguria Regional School Office (USR) and the Liguria digital school initiative, is being so pro-active.

The training course is free and open to:

• Teachers of the Nursery School, Primary School and Secondary School (middle and high school).
• Instructors of Vocational Training Centres.
• School directors and Vocational or Professional School directors.
• Secondary school technical teachers.
• Teachers and ATA personnel (administrative, technical and auxiliary personnel) providing technical support activities for Primary schools

who are employees of public schools in the Liguria Region or of Macrotype A accredited Vocational Training Centres.

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The initiative provides for the creation of a network of Ligurian Smart Labs.

Each one will be equipped with applications of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies particularly relevant for the geographical area of interest.

This will enable widespread training across different areas regarding technological innovation for both young students and personnel working in the companies. 

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