DIH Liguria, which has its operating office located at the Liguria Innovation Exchange (centre for digital innovation) within the Erzelli-Genoa Science Technology Park, actively supports the Great Campus project.

The Great Campus is an integrated urban area, which includes:

• buildings hosting High-Tech companies (currently 25 offices and 2,000 employees);
• public green space (currently about 30,000 square meters);
• new Polytechnic (design pending approval);
• student residence (in the design stage);
• new Ponente Hospital (in the design stage);
• residential and accommodations facilities (in the design stage).

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The goal of the project is to create a new technology hub in the city of Imperia to favour the economic development of the province, thus becoming a strategic lever for business in IT.

Five common meeting rooms are planned in the hi-tech hub in which companies will be able to hold their meetings. Some spaces will be intended for co-working and also open to workers and professionals.

As part of the "Cerchio Rosso" project, developed by the Municipality of Genoa regarding the areas affected by the reconstruction of the Genoa San Giorgio Bridge, DIH Liguria supports the initiatives of companies and research centres for the construction of the "Green Factory" on the left bank of the Polcevera torrent and, in particular, the feasibility study of an Innovation Park within it.

The aim of the Innovation Park will be to increase visitors' awareness and knowledge of how technological progress has always met human needs.

Registered office: Via San Vincenzo, 2 - 16121 GENOVA

Operational office: Great Campus, Via Melen, 77 - 16152 GENOVA

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